Stanley Uhegbu of Elanhub wrote the following about the UPTH.

A Port Harcourt resident, Vicky Thompson has said that the day the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, gets rid of mosquitoes in the facility, 90 percent of their patients will be discharged within 3 days. Thompson, who visited the hospital, few days ago, shared a clip of the deplorable state of the facility.

“The day UPTH will get rid of the mosquitos in their hospital, 90% of their patients will be discharged within 3days,” he said. “How can you keep sick people in a sick and unclean environment and expect them to be well?,” he added.

The l viral clip has elicited reactions from Nigerians who called on the government and the hospital management to fix the facility. (C) Resident Decries Deplorable State Of UPTH

Now, as factual as this might be seen on the surface, the truth is more political than mere constructive criticism. Because of what he said at the end of the video and the fact that he never showed his face. You can watch the video here for yourself. Click Here 

However, this is not about why he made the video, it is about what the CMD, Professor Henry Ugboma said a few months back. In a publication of 22nd January 2022 by Punch Nigeria, titled UPTH vows to replace non-performing HoDs, the CMD disassociates himself from the poor work ethics of staff members and consultants at the hospital, vowing to replace non-performing heads of department.

So, this didn’t in any way diminish the integrity of the UPTH, it didn’t remove the fact that the hospital has impeccable leadership with great medical professionals and ultra-model medical equipment and it didn’t in any way remove UPTH from the list of the best teaching hospitals in Nigeria. It’s a weaponized political story to make the current administration look bad.

Like in the past, when some persons conspired to label the administration as fraudulent, by alleging that funds were misused. An allegation that was later refuted and found to be false. And was permanently grounded by the outstanding records of success that follows, like the commencement of the kidney transplant operation and others.

Finally, the said video showed a mosqiuto, a broken titled floor, and some pieces of garbage. I wondered how that translate to all the deplorable things that the recorder said. Watch the video for yourself and be the judge. Thank you.