If you really want to make more sales this year, 2022, you have to stop following the Joneses, and deliberately learn proven WhatsApp marketing strategies.  Now, you have heard a lot last year about WhatsApp marketing. You did everything that was trending, and yet you had little or no results to show.

This year 2022, you need to stop following the crowd and start doing what works.  If you do what work you are going to have good results.  However, if you choose to just follow the crowd and do it because everyone else is doing it, you might just be laboring in vain without the result that you require to grow your business. 

I have seen many people in an attempt to grow their businesses, they keep doing what everyone else is doing without any strategy or plan. For example, in Whatsapp marketing, I see a few laughable things that most people are doing that are not working. Yet they cannot help themselves but keep doing the same thing and expecting to have a different result.

It is insanity to be consistently doing the same thing and expecting to have a different outcome.  I believe this year, 2022, you should know better and work smarter so you can achieve better results.

Whatsapp Marketing Strategies

Now, for a few things I have seen about WhatsApp marketing that a lot of business owners are doing wrong.  I’m going to list them out here. Then we will attempt to look at how it can be better with the aim of finding the right solution that will help you to sell more on WhatsApp.

  1.  Using WhatsApp auto-messages abusively
  2.  Using WhatsApp for business 
  3.  Using WhatsApp status indiscriminately
  4.  Using WhatsApp broadcast scarcely 
  5.  Forcing people in your contact into WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp Auto-messages

Is WhatsApp auto-messaging part of Whatsapp Marketing Strategies? I would say, it is when strategically used. But what we see today is an abuse of WhatsApp auto-messages. These days it seems everyone on WhatsApp is using auto-reply.  You send anyone any message and the next thing you get is “sorry XYZ business is not available now, will communicate to you shortly”

Messages like these have become a pandemic on WhatsApp. So, people are no longer open to chatting with you on WhatsApp because they think you are using a chatbot. Your business needs proven and tested Whatsapp Marketing Strategies.

Using auto-reply is good but you need to know exactly how to use it. Currently, many people are abusing WhatsApp auto-reply.  My recommendation is that you should have two WhatsApp platforms. One for business and the other one for personal relations. Now, the moment people are able to differentiate your business WhatsApp from your personal WhatsApp the better.  Once people realize that the phone number you’re using to chat with them is your business line. They will limit checking your status. They may also limit having a direct conversation with you. Because they believe your WhatsApp is all about business, and you don’t what that.

What I wish you all to realize is that people want to do business yes! But before business, they want a relationship and that is what a personal WhatsApp platform will help you do. It will help you create a personal relationship with potential buyers. That is the core of Whatsapp Marketing Strategies. Don’t forget WhatsApp is actually a personal connection tool. It is supposed to help you connect with people. So, using it for business indiscriminately is actually an abuse of Whatsapp Marketing Strategies. 

So the best thing you can do is to start a relationship first with people and keep your auto-reply for strickly business.  That is if you must use the auto-reply at all.  My advice is instead of using auto-reply start to create relationships with the people that are on your WhatsApp contact list. 

The way to do this is to ensure that you reply to every one of their messages.  Remember, monthly greetings. Start by sending them

  • monthly greetings or
  • weekly greetings or
  • a simple compliment of their WhatsApp status.

This will help you build relationships that will make them pay attention to your own WhatsApp status. This is part of my proven and tested Whatsapp Marketing Strategies.

Nowadays, about 70 to 80 percent, post on their WhatsApp status. So, if your WhatsApp status is all about selling without paying attention to these peoples’ WhatsApp status. They might as well boycott your WhatsApp status. A little compliment will make them also want to check you out.

Using WhatsApp for Business As WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp for business is very good. It was designed for businesses like I advise earlier to have a personal WhatsApp platform and a business WhatsApp platform.  Going forward, WhatsApp differentiates a message from regular WhatsApp from WhatsApp for business. They do this by adding a little tag like, “this message is from business WhatsApp”

So if you are going to use WhatsApp for business make sure it is strictly for business. And you first start with a relationship like we said above before you start to communicate business with people. The best way to use WhatsApp for business is to ensure that your products are right there in your WhatsApp for business. And that there are links to relevant places where people can actually find your products. This is part of WhatsApp marketing strategies that work.

Using WhatsApp status indiscriminately

Now, there are strategies to use in WhatsApp status to actually get the right results.  If you don’t understand the strategy of WhatsApp status you might just be posting every day without having meaningful sales.  One of the most effective ways to use WhatsApp marketing strategies is a proper use of WhatsApp status. Now, to learn more about how you can effectively use WhatsApp status to generate more sales for your business, you can watch the video below.

If you must post on WhatsApp status understand that the last post you make on WhatsApp status becomes the thumbnail that people that are looking into your WhatsApp status will see first.  Therefore, here is a small strategy you can apply to gain more attention and have more people look into your products if you are going to use WhatsApp status to attract people to your business.  The last picture you post on your WhatsApp status must be a very attractive image. If I were you I’d post a very attractive personal image.

The reason to post personal images is very simple.  The first kind of people that will come to your WhatsApp status are people who already know you.  So by the time they see your personal image they want to check you out; they want to check what is going on with your life or what is new around you so they will click and when they click they will see your your products first before they will see that your personal image that attracted them on the Thumbnail in the first place.

Number two reason why your personal image should be the thing you post last.  It is because even those that did not know you personally when they see a personal image particularly an attractive personal image they also become curious and they want to find out what it is all about. 

So, the strategy is simple, post five products first and then post a very attractive personal image.  The personal image will be the thumbnail that attracts them to try to check you out, then they will now see product one, product two, product three, product four, and product five before they will now see what attracted them in the first place.

There are many business owners on WhatsApp who in an attempt to sell their products, actually spend their time posting comedy videos. Now, posting comedy will not bring them to buy from you, it will only make your WhatsApp status interesting for a while. This is not a guarantee that they will come again and again because of the comedy videos that you’re posting on your WhatsApp status. 

The reason is simple you are not the only one posting comedy videos on WhatsApp status. There are many non-business owners who dedicate their WhatsApp status to posting comic videos and they’re not selling anything.  So, when you are trying to use comic videos to attract people to your product you may end up boring people instead of attracting them. This is because to sell you will try to mix comic videos with your products, and they (your audience) will see this as an unnecessary distraction.

The strategy is simple, post images or videos of 5 products (resist the temptation to most 20 images at once). 5 products daily are good enough, then a very attractive personal image. However, if you are a very private person who doesn’t want to use personal images, then that is where you can use an attractive personality (a public figure) but don’t forget that is the last thing you post on your WhatsApp status.

Using WhatsApp Broadcast As WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

I believe one of the most useful tools among WhatsApp marketing strategies is the WhatsApp broadcast. However, many people hardly use this all-important tool.  In my course (Introduction to WhatsApp Marketing), I insist that if you don’t use WhatsApp tools you are leaving money on the table. And one of the best WhatsApp tools to use is WhatsApp broadcast.  There is nothing like it.  The reason you should use WhatsApp broadcast is that it is easy to use; your audience will not figure out that it was a broadcast message; they will believe it is a personal message, and if you use it correctly your audience will want to reply to your message immediately.

 Check out my course on Introduction to WhatsApp Marketing to learn how to use broadcast properly.

Now, there are step-by-step on how you can use broadcast to achieve a worthwhile purpose.  There are strategies to using WhatsApp broadcast you can check out the video below to learn some of these strategies.

WhatsApp broadcast remains one of the best tools not just to attract customers but to keep them and convert them to buyers.  You can start by creating what I call WhatsApp broadcast groups not the normal group but a broadcast group.  A group like this allows you to list out people in different categories so that you can easily broadcast to them.  Categories like returning customers, new customers, customers found on Instagram, customers found with Facebook adverts, customers from Instablog9ja chat, etc.

After creating your broadcast groups, you can then start to broadcast to them according to their peculiar needs.  For example, in some groups, you might just need to introduce yourself and introduce what you sell in very simple ways.  One of those ways could be you using a VoiceNote. In my course, Introduction to WhatsApp Marketing, I also taught about using VoiceNote creatively. 

VoiceNotes work most probably because a lot of people are curious about VoiceNotes and I would like to click on the audio to know what the person is trying to communicate.  Another reason is that we have a generation who wants to avoid the stress of reading long sentences, they would rather listen to you, so using VoiceNote is very important in broadcast but you need to know the kind of group that will be the best to receive your VoiceNote and when.

Using WhatsApp broadcast will allow you to communicate to prospective customers, existing customers as well as customers that will help you run your referral properly, what I called the crusading customers.

Forcing People Contact into WhatsApp Group

This is one of the biggest mistakes most business owners are making.  Never Force people into a WhatsApp group.  If you must create a WhatsApp group let the people know or let them join by themselves.  WhatsApp group is good for certain categories not for every situation.

The only time I recommend WhatsApp group is when you run a campaign on Facebook for example and then get them into a group so that you can educate them more about a certain product you are running a campaign about.  A topic like Making Money Online will make people follow you willingly into a WhatsApp group. Another great way is for you to run a free offer, what you call a giveaway, and ask them to come and get it on your WhatsApp group.  By so doing you assemble their contacts according to their pain-points. 

This way, your WhatsApp group becomes a passage into your business broadcast list.  In other words, you create a giveaway campaign or an educational campaign, filter them into WhatsApp group for them to get the full information or the giveaway, chat with them with a few questions to understand their pain-points, then isolate them into the different list where you can broadcast to them on a weekly basis or on a biweekly basis.

When you set aside a good WhatsApp marketing strategy to reach out to people then you’ll be able to hit your marketing goal this year.  Don’t just go about doing what all the Joneses are doing because you are going to get the Joneses results.

WhatsApp marketing remains one of the most strategic ways to reach people personally and get them to buy from you.  like I always say, people don’t buy from strangers, people buy from people they believe they know, and it is your responsibility to make them think that they don’t just know you that they are your buddies.  And WhatsApp will help you do this effortlessly.

So, what are you waiting for, grab this strategy now and start running your WhatsApp campaign and marketing very fast in 2022. If you need more knowledge on WhatsApp Marketing watch the video below or better still register for my course.

 I see you Crushing your WhatsApp sales this year.