Is it possible to make some extra income online as a student? From my research, the answer is yes. As a matter of fact, it is getting easier by the day to earn money online. And at the same time, it is getting more complicated because of the many fakes among the good ones.

This was written for you if you are a student looking for where to earn money online legitimately. Let’s introduce you to the best online part-time jobs for students.

Earning Money Online With Part-Tie Jobs

Part-time jobs are a form of employment wherein people have to work for a few hours every week and not full time. It works in shifts and is rotational, which means people will be shifting within shifts as well. If the employee is working for less than or equal to 30 hours a week, it is considered a part-time job. The number of part-time workers has increased for the past quarter, as stated by the international labor organization. Part-time contracts in different places or counties have different sets of rules and guidelines.

Part-Time Jobs Acceptability

European Union: Western countries in Europe have embraced the concept of part-time jobs widely. This is because of its swift working hours and acceptability among the organizations. In the European Union, the Netherlands has by far the highest number of people working part-time.

Australia: It is quite a comprehensive framework in Australia. Generally, part-time employees work approximately 32 hours per week.

Canada: Part-time workers or employees in Canada work for less than 30 hours per week. In Canada, sophomores are more into part-time jobs to earn their living and not be dependent on their parents.

United States of America: The working hours differ from 1 hour to 32 hours per week. Around 25 to 28 million Americans work part-time. It is the same as Canada, i.e., sophomores are more into part-time jobs to earn their living and not be dependent on their parents.

Best Part-Time Jobs For Students to Earn Money Online

Let’s see various ways to earn money online as a Student with the below-listed methods:

1. Online Marketing

Online marketing or digital marketing is the marketing of products and services online using social platforms and the internet. It can be through mobile applications, display advertising, and various other digital platforms. Due to technological advancements and people using more social networking sites these days, companies are forced to do online marketing.

Opportunities available at:

The company looks for influencers who can influence the crowd to take an interest in the company. The people are hired for around $5,000 to $8,000 per month. Influencers are the major source of online marketing for companies. They can either influence prospective clients through YouTube videos or social media posts on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter. They get paid for the number of influencers they have created around the corner. Students earning money online is getting easier today.

2. Reviews of Products and Platforms

Product reviews include giving feedback about the product or the services to reach out to the people. Families, individuals these days are concerned about the kind of products they are buying. They don’t buy products unless and until they are sure about the quality of the product. Reviews can be given on the company’s website, social networking sites, or YouTube channels. For example, you can create a Youtube channel just to give reviews about new products students are crazy about. This will make you a go-to person when it comes to reviews. Try reviews about gadgets like mobile phones, watches, laptops, computers, etc. You can even use free blogs like to do your reviews. Quality reviews give you the opportunity to earn money online as a student. You can also take advantage of the common marketplaces like;

  • Letsintern
  • Upwork

Influencers are important for the company’s prospective growth. The pay to all the part-time employees for this job is not more than $1,000 per month. There are openings in several companies like H&M, HCL technologies, Amazon, Decathlon, Capgemini, Gleam technologies.

3. Craft and Work (even NFTs)

Art and crafts describe various activities that involve crafting things with one’s own hands. It is usually a hobby of a person, and people don’t think of making a living out of it. Crafts can be of various types like:

Crafts involving textiles: This includes knitting, felting, calligraphy, lace-making, embroidery, quilting, millinery, rug making, sewing, shoemaking, tapestry, weaving, string art, and much more.

Wood, Metal or Clay Craft: metalworking, pottery, sculpture, woodworking, cabinet making, marquetry, wood-burning, woodturning, jewelry.

Paper or Canvas Crafts: Bookbinding, calligraphy, collage, cardmaking, card modeling, decoupage, embossing, marbling, origami, papercraft, parchment craft, scrapbooking, sketching, stamping, etc.
Crafts involving plants: Basket weaving, corn dolly making, floral design, straw marquetry, etc.

4. Online Surveys

People do this more often as it is more relaxing than any other part-time job. Here individuals need to give feedback regarding the number of goods and services. Surveys are the decision-maker for the company as it reflects the demand of their prospective customers. It helps businesses identify the taste and preferences of the customers. While taking up a part-time job, the individual seeking the job should be careful because the survey should be taken up from a reliable website.

The list of survey related websites are:

  • ySense: Individuals can make money by filling out surveys, completing the tasks, and promoting their referral programs.
  • Your surveys: This site is different from the other survey sites because it asks you pre-qualifier questions and then ask you to fill the surveys.
  • Prize rebel: Individuals can make money by taking up surveys, winning contests, and promoting their programs.
  • Opinion world: It is the same as the ySense. Individuals can make money by filling out surveys, completing the tasks, and promoting their referral programs.
  • Time Bucks: They have shorter and simpler surveys, and the surveys regarding your locations are preferred so that reliable information is passed on.
  • Global test market: It is one of the oldest and best online survey sites.
  • Swagbucks: Individuals can also earn money by shopping online apart from filling the survey forms.
  • Amazon Survey: Amazon often comes up with a survey. These surveys are not always updated online, but as and when they are updated, people should take an interest because they pay well.
  • Survey Junkie: Create a profile on this website and select subjects of your interest to take up the surveys.
  • Ipsos: The surveys are very frequent
  • Isurvey World: Pays cash for all the surveys you fill online. Extra money can be earned by playing games, watching videos.
  • Vindale research: They have surveys of all-time durations, i.e., from short term to long term.

5. Online travel agency

The travel agency is a retail business that provides services related to travel and tourism. All these services can also be provided through websites, social networking sites, referred to as an online travel agencies. Travel agencies can provide services like hotel bookings, travel arrangements, travel insurance, guide books, package tours. They don’t have an in-hand inventory. Travel agencies can also serve as sub-sales agents for companies who are not have offices at certain places.

6. Selling Photos Online

Selling photos online is termed as stock photography. It is the supply of photos specifically licensed for various other uses. Stock photography can be:

  • Macro stock photography
  • Mid stock photography
  • Micro stock photography

Selling photos online is very lucrative. Conventional photos are sold for around $20 to $50. There is no particular theme for selling the photos; rather, it is diverse and abstract. Employment for students site provides various opportunities in this domain. Some of the most important stock photography websites are:

All the above photography websites are one and the same but have different sets of rules and guidelines. The employer has to reach a minimum threshold of 100 USD before requesting money from the employer. The money is transferred using google pay, PayPal, phone pay, etc.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is usually marketing based on performance in which the business rewards customers brought. The basic idea is that an individual is promoting the products of other people. This is done generally through an affiliate network, and commission is earned if the customers buy those products. There are some of the basic things to keep in mind for becoming an affiliate marketer. These are:

  • Start reviewing products: There are many products that are used by people in their day to day lives. One can start by reviewing these products on a public platform such as websites.
  • Build an Email list: One can then start to make an email list from the visitors on the website. One needs to be sure to engage the audience regularly by giving them updates.
  • Live Webinars: It will be better if one uses the live presentation of the content that they were going to blog about. The features of the products, benefits, drawbacks, etc., can be discussed.
  • Grow Business: The business can be grown with the help of advertisements.

The income for an affiliate marketer is not consistent. The income is seen on an annual basis rather than a monthly basis. There are chances that one might earn more than $10,000 in one year. However, again, the income might fluctuate every year. This job is a really good option for those who are looking to work online.

8. Website Design and Development

Website designers differ from web developers on the basis of creativity. They look out for how an overall website should be designed. It is more about thinking of the layouts, fonts, color palates, and visual themes that will go with a particular website.

Companies are looking out for responsive websites for mobile screens so that the websites look good on every screen.

One needs to have certain technical skills to be a web designer. It could be a skill as basic as click and drop. Other skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Wireframing, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Typography and Color, etc may also be required. It is very difficult for one to get selected for a job in Web designing if some pre-requisite knowledge is not present. Apart from these professional skills, one also needs to have communication skills, client relations, project management skills, and time management.

Qualified web designers earn about $50,000 on an average in a year. Those designers who do not have any formal training get about $1,000 per month. Web Designing certainly has a scope in the present as well as in the future as everything today is dependent on how things are presented online. This might prove to be a really great job venture.

9. Graphic Design To Earn Money Online

Graphic designing is all about creating visual concepts with the help of computer software or by hand so as to communicate the ideas which inform, captivate, and inspire customers. The overall layout is designed for brochures, magazines, and corporate records by graphic designers.

Graphic designers usually indulge in the following activities:

  • Meeting with art directors or clients so that they can decide on how to work on a project.
  • Using various photo editing software, layout software, and digital illustrations to create designs.
  • Creating visual elements
  • Select colors, typefaces to use, images, etc.
  • Presenting their concepts of design to clients
  • Changes are incorporated, which are recommended by clients.
  • Designs are reviewed for errors before publishing or printing them.

They basically combine technology with their art and creativity so that they can communicate their ideas and thoughts. To be perfect in the job of graphic designing, one needs to have a certain knowledge of basic tools that are required. Apart from this, they should possess communication skills, computer skills, creativity, analytical skills, artistic skills, and time management skills.

A person who is freelancing might earn about $5,000 in a year, and a senior graphic designer can earn around $20,000 and more. If an individual thinks that he/she can handle the criticisms and responsibilities that come with being a graphic designer, then he/she should think about this prospectus.

10. Online Trading

Online sharing trading generally takes into account selling and buying stocks with the help of an online platform. With the usage of online platforms, one can sell or buy share stocks, mutual bonds, funds, other securities quite easily and that too, without any immediate agent or broker. This makes trading in stocks a lot much easier than it used to be. The paperwork which was understood as really hectic has now been converted into a single click.

There are various paid and free web and mobile applications for trading which are available online. This job can prove to be financially rewarding if it is done right. Ups and downs are the prerequisites of this job. For anyone who needs to begin online trading needs to open an online account for trading with an online broking firm. It becomes necessary that one chooses a broker who is certified and as well as a registered member. One needs to have a basic knowledge of the functions of the stock market, that is, supply and demand. If an individual believes that he/she has enough knowledge about stocks, then they can surely think about it. However, it is essential to be cautious, or else they might have to suffer from huge losses.

11. Earn Money Online with eBook

In the present world, there are hundreds of ways to earn an income sitting at home, thanks to work-from-home jobs. These have made it easy and convenient to work from within the walls of your home, thus relieving stress and office commotion. Among these, the most famous job is that of a home writer.

A home writer basically writes articles, blogs, advertisements, or whatever the company demands. However, if you’re more of a freelancer who wants to stay independent and free from shackles, ebook writing can be just the thing for you.

Electronic/Digital books or eBooks have gained much popularity and continue to do so. More and more people are demanding online versions of books to be made available for them. These ebooks can be as short as a couple of pages or as long as a few hundred pages, often more than a thousand. They’re typically delivered to the buyer in the form of a pdf file. This lets the buyer the freedom to choose to save it and read it on his computer, or the buyer can choose to print the whole document. These books can always be in the form of EXE files.

How to make a living out of it?

That’s an understandable question. You can write ebooks and sell them online mainly in three ways-

You can apply for ebook writing jobs. Many companies hire writers to “ghostwrite” these books. In simpler words, you are paid a pre-decided fee to write a certain number of words. However, your name is not put on the book. Also, you don’t get to have any say about the final product.
If the last one didn’t fit you, you could write your own ebooks, and you’ll be paid whenever you manage to secure a sale.
You could be paid royalties, just the way you would be with a print book. However, this is very rare, and it is even rarer that you’ll get any kind of advance.
Dos and Don’ts-

  • Always choose a topic you know about.
  • Don’t make your writing complicated.
  • Never get overwhelmed.
  • Proofreading is essential.
  • Layout and cover should reek of professionalism.

12. Earn Money Online as a YouTuber

When you have a plan to become a YouTuber, you have to create your own YouTube channel where you have to upload videos created by yourself. You should have a clearcut idea regarding the content of your videos and have to ensure that they have content that makes the people interested and keeps them engaged in watching your video. If people can relate to it, then they will watch your videos.

You’ll have to stick up to a theme like traveling, fashion, etc. for your you’re e channel videos.

Smartphones can be used to record videos, but to record high-definition videos, you’ll have to arm yourself with the best equipment so that your viewers can enjoy videos created by you.

It will be difficult to get fresh ideas and content but never give up. You have to make sure that you turn your ideas into reality. List your ideas and also see how other YouTubers do their videos. Learn to edit content, new techniques for creating videos, and new editing styles.

Using SEO to win as A Youtuber

You have to see that the videos that you upload contain only the best clips with quality content. Whenever you create a video, you should also think from the viewer’s point of view. This will help you to develop good videos.

Another thing is that you should give your videos a good description and title that catches the attention of a viewer. They should contain the main keyword and phrase.

That’s it, I hope now you can choose any one of the above methods among the 12 Best Part-Time Jobs For Students to earn money online. But if you still have any questions regarding the company registration process then feel free to ask them in the comment section.