There are many ways to earn money and maybe points or coins you can then convert to money this days, but only one is offering those who surf the net the opportunity to earn on the data collected from their history while they surf the net. And that platform is SwashApp. Yes, Swash App promises to give you a percentage of the cost of the data collected form your browse history. It is no longer News that as far the internet is concerned, data is the source of wealth.

In case you are still part of those wondering where giant tech companies like Facebook are getting revenue from apart from the adverts they sell, then I will break it to you, they sell your data (name, sex, location, age etc) to others who use them to target and market you and others like you. They might keep denying it, but a huge part of their revenue is sales of data they collect.

Not just Facebook, any company that collect data massively, sells data. They are that rich because they sell data. Imagine if that just share a percentage of that income with you who generate the data. That’s exactly what Swash App promises to do.

That said, the easiest ways to collect data is through a browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Brave, Edge, Opera etc) and social media platforms.

How to Earn Money with Swash App

The idea of Swash App is to reward you for your activities on the Internet. Whenever you browse stuff on the web browser, you will earn some points. Those points will convert to actual money. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, you will get paid in the form of Swash crypto coins. You can pay directly to your Ethereum wallet

Do you know what this means? It means that there are no geographical restrictions and no payment gateway issues. You will get your earnings in your Swash wallet. Sell them on any supported exchange you get the money in your bank account. It’s that simple.

Like I said at the beginning, there has never been an easier way to earn passive income. This is like doing the normal internet surfing and getting paid in the process.

Is It Legit to Earn Money On Swash App?

To answer this question I did my research and here are what I found, so you can be the judge whether the are legit or not.

earn money with swash app
  1. Their ratings on Chrome Extension: they are quiet an impressive ratings and reviews on Google Chrome Extension. As at 16th of December 2021, they have over 5,470 five-star reviews.
  2. Swash number of Users: as for users on Google Chrome extension only they have over 90,000 users
  3. Swash Coin is on coin-gecko: It is listed on coin-gecko.
  4. Swash Market Cap: it’s market cap as at 16th of December 2021, is $11,153,331 and when fully diluted it is about $139,420,383.

Will Swash App Collect My Sensitive Data?

Absolutely not. Their app is open source. Which means that their code is open to the public and anyone can see for themselves what the app is doing behind the scenes. Your login passwords, keys and other private data are completely safe. The app will never collect such data from the browser. To ensure security and privacy of your data, Swash app has issued a DPIA for the Information Commissioner’s office.

The best part is, you can actually see what data is being collected by the Swash app. You can even set your own filters if you don’t want to share specific information. Can’t get more transparent than this!

How does Swash work?

When you use Swash, data you already give away for free is captured, anonymized, and sold on a decentralized marketplace, hosted by Streamr. Your data is pooled together with others’ to create a large data set, or Data Union, which data buyers pay to access via subscription.

You will then receive 70% of the profits for your contribution, with payments deposited directly into your account in DATAcoin. The remaining 30% will be used by Swash to continue operating and growing the platform. More users = more value for the community.

How Do you Earn with Swash App

Now let’s get to the actual part where we can earn money from Swash app. The process is very simple:

  1. Install the Swash Plugin to your Web browser. CLICK HERE
  2. Supported Web browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Brave.
  3. Browse the internet like you do normally. Swash tokens will keep accumulating as you browse the internet.
  4. You can check your wallet to see how many coins you have earned.
  5. You can redeem your coins in the form of cash (sell them on an exchange) or you can donate them to environmental causes or COVID support.

What Currency Do I Earn?

You earn DATA coin, the native token of Streamr. You can then withdraw your earnings into an Ethereum wallet, where you can easily to withdraw to fiat if you like.

What is the difference between Swash and giant data collectors Like Facebook?

Swash puts you – as the value contributor – first. Your data is anonymous and end-to-end encrypted for privacy and Swash makes sure you receive proper compensation for your value. That doesn’t happen anywhere else.
The data Swash collects is more reliable and much higher quality than others can offer because it’s given with full consent and transparency. Data collectors tend to use shady collection methods and it’s all a bit of a mess, whereas Swash data is clean, transparent, and reliable.

Another Way to Earn Money with Swash App

Swash App has a very robust referral system where they reward users when they refer their friends. Swash App has a $100K $SWASH budgeted for the referral program.

To earn part of this huge budget invite your friends to Swash. The more people you invite the more you earn! You simply share your referral link with them so they can join.

The current referral program is as follows:

  1. Receive 1 $SWASH for every new person who uses your referral link to install and use Swash.
  2. The person who brings the most new people to Swash using their referral link each month will receive 2000 $SWASH prize.

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