Freelance jobs are getting so common that it is getting very difficult to sell gigs on Fiverr. Maybe like others you heard about how profitable it is to sell gigs on Fiverr. And unlike others, your gigs on Fiverr are not selling. Here you are, wondering, why are my gigs not selling? Chances are, you are trying to sell a less profitable gig or a highly competitive gig.

Working as a freelancer is getting tougher by the day. Fiverr and other freelance platforms came to make things easier. However, you still need to know how to pick the right gigs. So, here are 33 easy-to-sell gigs on Fiverr. Make your choice and start earning on Fiverr.

There are a lot of people in today’s time that plan to make extra money but are not aware of how? Here is the answer for each one of you who wants to make money easily and just by sitting at home. Fiverr, is the website that can help you earn more money than you have ever dreamed of.

Fiverr is one of the best marketplaces to generate extra revenue. Most people start their side hustle with Fiverr. You can launch any of your big ideas on it. This is a website where you can sell any service and the price begins from $5. In fact, this can be a great place for beginners who do not have enough cash to invest in their start-up business.

What are Fiverr Gig Ideas?

A gig is your personal advertisement page on Fiverr. More like a billboard where you can display the products or services which you can provide. On the website, you would be able to see a list of categories from which you can choose your Gig. You should keep in mind that you should have expertise in the Gig that you select.

It can be any service or any talent which you are good at. Once you create the account, you can upload your picture, After which you can provide a short description of yourself and the services that you offer. You also have an option to edit the Gig whenever you want plus you can add a new one too.

What is Fiverr?

It is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Fiverr is an online community of members where people provide their services and talents globally. If you have such skills in you and want to share it with people then this is the leading platform for you.

How to join Fiverr?

Becoming a Fiverr seller is straightforward and simple. It has become a little longer process than it used to be a couple of months back. Still, it does not take more than five minutes to set up your account on Fiverr and start creating your first Gig.

There are two ways to sign up for a free account. The first is by Facebook and the second is by normal email sign-up. Just by providing your email address and then choosing a unique username and password.

You should keep in mind that you have to create a seller account. This is because Fiverr has both seller and buyers accounts. Once you choose the seller account, then fill in the profile details. Here, you need to put in what services you would offer to clients. Also information about your educational background and certifications.

You must complete 65% of the profile for becoming a seller. Thus, you can share the information you want and keep the rest personal, for example, phone number, etc.

Also, depending on the services you choose to provide there might be a task. Sometimes, skills test before Fiverr approves your profile.

Benefits of Fiverr

After knowing what Fiverr is and how to create an account, let us consider the benefits. It is substantial for you to know what its advantages are as a seller. Here are some of its benefits for you;

  1. Numerous possibilities for Gigs: On this website, you would get amazed to look at the types of Gigs which you would find. You name it and they have it for you. All you need is expertise on any skill if you have it that Fiverr provides you with a platform to share them
  2. Provides services that you are passionate about: This is an amazing website where you can find a place for out-of-the-box thinking. If you are interested in any topic and can provide services then Fiverr can become that place for you.
  3. Great potential earnings: Do not think that you can just earn $5. You need to first pick the right gigs. Write a compelling offer with an attractive price. Then there is a possibility to earn a decent amount of money every month.
  4. Flexibility: You have the flexibility of working from home plus at your convenience. You need not miss any class or your office for it; choose the time as per your availability. The best thing is that whenever you want you can pause your Gig and take a break.
  5. Payments: Fiverr uses Paypal, an amazing payment system. You can withdraw your earnings easily without waiting for a check in the mail.

31 Easy to Sell Gigs on Fiverr (2022)

By now you are clear about the concepts and benefits of Fiverr. However, it is vital for you to choose the most profitable Gigs on Fiverr. Here are some of the Gigs you can apply on Fiverr:

1. Proofreading and Editing

A common and easy gig. If you have eyes for details, you can do this. Better still if you can spot grammatical errors, punctuation, and spelling; then you can earn with this. To attract more clients, provide a sample of your past work. Even if you are not an expert in syntax, you can still do this with a little help from grammarly.

Proofreading is highly needed. For books, blogs, service pages, articles, and other such content. The demand for it is increasing day by day because of digitalization. The need to post a lot of things online has increase the demand for proofreaders. Corporate bodies and individuals want error-free contents.

As for the pricing, it majorly depends upon your work and experience. The more veteran you grow the more money you can charge. Your portfolio would show everything to your clients about your work experience and skills. You would have a major benefit if you are associated with big organizations as you can get good money.

The pay on Fiverr for proofreading usually ranges from $0.33 to $1 for 100 words. This means if you do 10,000 words you can earn $33 to $100.

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2. Design Book Covers as Fiverr Gig

A little knowledge in graphic design is all you need. You don’t have to be a professional. Understand colours and you will be able to design amazing book covers. To do great jobs, Google other book covers and study, fonts combination and colour blend. After which go try your hand on Fiverr as you might get some good clients to work for. You would be able to sell this service here at good prices.

All you require is the right tools and skillset and that is it, you would be able to earn bucks from it. Another thing you might need is the various formats to save your finish work for cleints.

You can use Photoshop or Canva and then send the designs made by you to the buyer. You will need to be creative to reflect the content in the cover.

Your book cover should be self-explanatory. This means that the buyer should be able to judge what book he is buying even without reading the content. There is a good scope in this and so are the earnings.

This is a high paying gig. Experienced cover designers get around $100 to $250 for one book cover.

3. Logo Designing on Fiverr

There are a lot of companies that have used Fiverr for getting great logo designed for their business. This service has been high in demand on Fiverr. New companies are springing up every day, and they will need a logo. Even existing companies need make a few changes or via into new markets.

For designing a logo you do not require a huge skill set. But if you have skills for making unique and creative logos then this can be a big opportunity for you. This is one of the most selling gigs on Fiverr and people are ready to pay an enormous amount for this service.

All you need to show in this field is creativity. Thus, if you have it in you then there is no stopping for you. In fact, learning logo designing is very easy and can be done in a short period.

You can earn a good amount of money by opting for this Gig. Everything depends on how embellish your portfolio. Experienced designers with good testimonial can earn around $75 to $100 for one logo. This makes it a great it Fiverr gigs to make money.

4. Virtual Assistant

This is one of the best ways of working for someone from all around the world. The good thing is that the demand and popularity of such jobs are increasing every year. Virtual assistant covers a large category of job levels. It could be research, data entry, creating emails, teaching lessons, virtual computer repair & cleaning, etc.

A virtual assistant job is also in high demand on Fiverr. It is usually very simple and does not require any particular experience or educational background. Being a virtual assistant you would have to do short tasks on sites. With these task, you can earn money. And they are strickly tasks online, hence, the name, virtual assistant. This type of work is similar to micro jobs and freelance projects.

The price range of it depends from work to work and the time that you give. If you provide 5 to 6 hours a day you can earn around $5 to $15 per hour. But it depends on your experience, the time you give, type of work, and many other such factors.

5. Selling Ad Campaigns on Fiverr

This gig require knowledge in setting up ad campaigns for companies that generate sales in the business. It is one of the most profitable gigs on Fiverr. Google Adword ads and Facebook ads campaigns are companies that help the business to generate more leads.

The good news is that there are various companies that prefer hiring individuals over agencies. This helps them save money plus it is easier for them to get the change done instantly.

There can be different types of needs when it comes to advertising. It can be as easy as just wearing a watch and clicking a photograph of yourself wearing it. Or, there can be a requirement of preparing a proper campaign. The letter requires innovative ideas since you will have to design a model.

Advertising is one of the most significant parts of the companies as it allures marketers from varied fields. In recent times, Instagram and Facebook are offer affordable promotion or advertising.

6. Creating Video Greetings or Intros

This is another category in which Fiverr excels. Creating videos has always been one of the best ways to make money. It is because people are more inclined towards videos as compared to reading the content. If you possess skills in you for creating unique and creative videos then this can be the best Gig for you.

You would be required to create amazing animated videos with logos. Also create cards with unique voices, or use graphics to create different videos, etc. All these ideas can attract buyers and help in increasing sales.

Video creation is always one of the most profitable gigs on Fiverr. Because these gigs are not common, which means that you have an opportunity to earn more. With the right experience and skillset you can earn around $5 to $15 for creating one video.

7. Digital Marketing as Fiverr Gig

This word has been all around for a couple of years and so has been its demand. Hence, there are loads of people who seek for buying digital marketing services for their enterprise. And they are ready to invest huge money in it.

Digital marketing means advertising delivered via digital channels such as email, web applications, social media, mobile applications, etc. You must have seen this lot of times while using social media platforms.

Take advantage of digital marketing. Use email marketing, SEO, Ads campaign, content marketing, and social media marketing to earn more.

You just need to offer these services on Fiverr and can work as a freelancer for various companies. The nice part is that you can earn a decent amount of money as its demand is growing every year and people look for people who can do it in the best possible manner for increasing their revenue.

8. Article Writing on Fiverr

This requires great writing skills. First, learn how to write then this can be one of the best Gig for you on Fiverr. It has a lot of money and has also become very popular these days because of its increased demand.

A lot of companies hire article writers for attracting more and more people to their website. People prefer article writing because a nicely written article can take the company to the next stage. The only way to earn money through it is if writing comes naturally to you, else you would not be able to create an impression.

There is no educational background or prior experience required for this but for becoming a good writer you should read books/articles written by other writers and by doing writing practice. Thus, a good article writer is one who can express things by using few words. If you have it in you then you can earn around $5 per hour or for a blog.

Website Testing

Various people start their website or blog but are not sure if it is working fine. Thus, they seek people who can test their website such as navigation, on-page SEO, etc.

Additionally, there are a lot of people who want to get their apps updated but are inevitable to keep up with the trends so they need people who can do it for them. So, they pay people for doing this for their website. If you have knowledge on websites and creating them then you can use this on Fiverr.

The good thing is that it is not important to be an expert in this, all you need to do is share your knowledge and experience after using and testing their website.

It is a very easy and simple job as it does not involves too much technical knowledge. You can earn a good amount of money from it plus it also enhances your skills as you learn new things with every testing.

10. Designing Flyers, Leaflets, Business cards and Postcards

If you have an interest in designing and are good at photoshop then this can be of great benefit to you. You can earn a decent amount of money by making flyers. There are a lot of people who need a brochure for their companies or institutes and they pay a really big amount for creating a brochure.

You can use illustrator or Microsoft Publisher for designing amazing flyers, cards, or postcards. In fact, still, there are a lot of people who use business cards while meeting their potential clients or partners in person. You can opt for this Gig on Fiverr if you have an interest in this kind of work.

All you need is to show creativity and some knowledge of photoshop, if you have it in you, then you can get great clients and earn a lot of money through this. You can easily earn $5 to $10 for making one flyer, leaflet, or postcard.

11. WordPress Troubleshooter

WordPress is very easy to use software but there are situations when it becomes complicated. It is used by many people today and is very user-friendly but still, there are times when people get stuck and do not know the solution.

If you are a techie and well versed with WordPress then grab this Gig on Fiverr as many people seek for WordPress Troubleshooters. Here is a great opportunity to earn money and help clients who are in a problem. For them, it might be a big issue but for you, it might just take a couple of minutes to resolve it.

This is in huge demand as troubleshooting is not an easy job and most people do not know how to resolve the issue. So grab this opportunity which you get on Fiverr and earn $50-$70 depending on the complexity of the issue and your experience.

12. Selling Diet Plan on Fiverr

In today’s time, everyone has become health and diet conscious, thus, many people look for dietitians who can assist them in eating healthy food. Therefore, if you have good knowledge of health and nutrition then you can make use of it.

There are a lot of people who go to the gym, some people have some health issues, some want to gain weight, etc. there are various reasons for which people seek the guidance of a dietitian. So, with massive demand be the one to provide services and earn extra money every month.

This is one of the top-leading Gigs on Fiverr as people want people who can provide them with the right guidance on eating as per their body requirements. Not only dietitians give them an eating plan but also make them aware of healthy living.

You can earn loads of money on this if you have experience and have good connections. Also, you must have complete knowledge of health and nutritional facts.

13. Giving Tips to new Parents

You might be thinking if it is really a profession? Yes, it is. There are a lot of new parents who need advice and guidance on numerous things related to their kid and they being a new parent.

It can be beneficial for you if you are already a family counselor by profession. For becoming a councilor for new parents it is paramount for you to already have an experience or at least have proper knowledge about it.

In this you would have to advise patents about daycare safety of toddlers, answering their queries on their general habits, breastfeeding, behavior, and other such things. If you can handle all this and have proper knowledge of it then you can earn money from it.

If you have a great experience in it and can give great tips to parents and make them feel more confident and excited about them being a new parent then you can earn around $100 for 6 months per customer.

14. Photoshop Editing

This has become one of the most popular Gigs on Fiverr. You can use Photoshop for removing background in images, giving pictures a digital makeover, editing pictures, and doing anything you want. It has a high scope but you must clear all the requirements before you start working on the pictures.

If you are a beginner and want to practice doing it then there is a free version Photoshop which you can download online but if you want to opt this as your profession then it is advised to go for its premium versions as there are a lot of features which can help you in editing the pictures.

It is better to make a portfolio of your work so that customers can see your work and rely on your work. If they are looking for the same kind of work which you have done then they may pay you a handsome amount of money for it. Usually, people pay $10 to $15 per editing.

15. Social Media Marketing

In today’s time, almost everyone uses Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms. Businesses also try and take advantage of it and use it as a marketing platform from where they can attract more and more customers. As a social media marketer, you would have to help the buyer in advertising or promoting his product worldwide.

Your job would be to get more traffic on their websites and try and increase the leads. There are a lot of things that are included in this such as mentioning a blog on your blog post, creating fan pages for the buyers, market research, and many more such things.

If you too have experience in this, then this can be a great option for you. As social media marketing has become an essential part of marketing, its demand seems never-ending.

16. Product Description Writing

It is an interesting job but needs a lot of creativity and a great understanding of the product. If you have knowledge and experience in the writing product description then you can also opt for this Gig on Fiverr.

Almost every product that is displayed online needs product description. For example, the products that are displayed on Amazon have a description or any product that you search on Google too has a few lines written about the product. You can earn a good amount of money by doing this.

In fact, if you do not have prior experience of it then you can check on some of the descriptions and learn how it is written. If you have a creative mind and can write good descriptions then you would be able to earn around $5 to $50 per description. So you can try this for sure as it does not require any prior experience or educational background.

17. Making Video Tutorials

You must have seen a lot of tutorials on YouTube, Facebook, or Watsapp. It has immense potential in terms of earning money and becoming popular. There are a lot of people who make tutorials on any particular niche which they are expert in such as cooking, makeup, assembling any product, and whatnot.

With the help of these videos, you can advise people on ideas for acting, how to relieve stress, how to reduce weight, etc. This can be a great way to earn money on Fiverr but for this, it is essential for you to have a big network.

There are a lot of companies that hire people to make a video tutorial for using or assembling their products. So if you love creating such videos then this is a perfect job for you which can help you earn $20 to $25 for one video tutorial.

18. Website Design Gig on Fiverr

In today’s modern era, where almost everything has become online and every company wants to make its online presence needs a website designed for them. If you possess skills in designing a website then this can be a good option for you.

The demand for website creation has risen over the years and people who wish to sell their products online need a website. These businesses need people who can make a beautiful website which is made keeping in mind their type of business.

Web design has become an integral part of any organization’s marketing strategy today and for this, they are ready to spend huge money on it. So, if you have skills in you for creating it for any company then you can earn $20 to $100 based on the services that you provide.

19. Viral Promoter

You must have heard about this a lot of times but you can make it as a source of earning as well. If you have a lot of followers on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, where tons of people view your profile, video, or blogs every day then you can this for promoting other people’s products, services, e-books, etc. Thus, all you need to do is viral their links, product, or company and get paid for it.

Isn’t this an easy way of earning money all you need is to increase your followers by doing what your viewers love. The best platforms for doing this are YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as these social media platforms are the most used applications. Making things viral is an interesting concept and it one of the most profitable gigs on Fiverr.

For example, if you have more than 2,00,000 followers on Instagram then you can make $5000 to $7000 from it. On the other hand, on YouTube, if you get 100,000 views by promoting other products on your channel then you can earn $10,000 which is quite a big amount.

20. Teach Language on Fiverr

If you are bilingual, then why not use it to earn money from this talent. Fiverr provides you with a Gig where you can teach any language online. You can also sell short language courses which can benefit a lot of people. There are a lot of students or people who wish to learn a new language either out of interest or for some business requirements.

You can become that help and train people on the languages that you are expert in. In fact, you can earn hourly from this, hence, the more time you give the more you would be able to earn. You can earn at least $5 for an hour rest it depends on your skills and experience.

21. Transcribing Audio Files

This job as well stays quite in demand on Fiverr as people need the translation of files to understand plus some people need audio recordings in a written format. This job does not require any prior experience but you need to be well versed with the language in which you are listening to the audio.

In this, you do not get a fixed rate as it depends on the length of the file plus the language that you are translating it, clarity of the file, and many such factors. On average for transcribing an audio file of 10 minutes, you get around $5. That’s an easy $5 and if you can transcribe 10 Audio files daily then you can make $100 per day, making it one of the most profitable gigs on Fiverr. There are a lot of people who are doing this on Fiverr, thus there is a lot of competition for you but if you are confident about yourself and it is worth giving a try.

22. Astrology

For choosing this Gig on Fiverr you must have complete knowledge about astrology. This cannot be opted for without proper study and knowledge. You need to have a complete understanding of the horoscope, knowledge of stars and planet, and their effect on people’s lives and many more things.

It is not an easy task but yes if you have learned in and have a proper understanding of it, then you can earn a good amount of money from it. There are a lot of people who believe in it and do things as per their prediction or advice, so if you have skills in you, then you can choose this Gig on Fiverr for yourself.

23. Creating Gifts out of Recycled Materials

There are a lot of people who are experts in this and can create the best out of waste. They can recycle things and create beautiful gifts out if it. Some people can create pen holders from old magazines, ornaments from cork, amazing sitting from egg trays, and whatnot.

If you too have this unique talent in you then do not waste it, create things, and sell it. There is a lot that can be done from your old stuff. All you need is to use creativity and create different things from it. You make wonderful gifts from it then you can impress your buyers and make money from it.

It might not be one of the most profitable gigs on Fiverr but for sure if your work is good then there will be a lot of buyers who would be contacting you. There are a lot of people who need such different gifts for return gifts of their kid’s birthday, etc. The earning prospects would vary from the material and creativity used but it might range somewhere around $10 to $15 per sale.

24. Financial Consulting

If you have studied finance and have some experience in it, then you can choose this Gig on Fiverr as there are a lot of people who require financial consultants. In this profile, you have to offer professional accounting advice to your clients.

Some of the work that you would have to do is helping your client to make a budget, provide them advice on alternative business funding options, analyze risk in investments, etc. This is one of the most popular Gigs on Fiverr as there are a lot of people who need financial consultants.

If you have financial management skills then you can use it here on Fiverr. Use your experience to help others make money. And also earn a good amount of money every month sitting at home.

25. Writing Reviews

This Gig is said to be one of the most interesting and is also pretty easy. As the name suggests, you just have to provide your opinion on a specific topic and get paid for it. Here at Fiverr, you can provide your review on any book, product, or any app.

Additionally, if you want you may also make a video sharing your opinion on that topic or subject. It is quite a simple and straightforward job which does not require any expertise or prior experience. All you are required to do is provide your review which just takes a couple of minutes.

About the earning prospects, it depends upon your portfolio and network. If you have an association with successful books then there are chances that you can even get paid $100 to $150 for one review.

26. Social Media Page Setup

Nowadays people spend more time on social media than ever before. They are not only connecting with their friends but also for promoting their products. As a result, business now use social media more than they use their official websites. It benefits them to grow and increase sales and revenue.

This is the reason why many companies wish to create their pages on these social media platforms. For increasing their brand awareness, promoting their products, and generating leads. Do you have interest in creating and setting up pages on these social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. then you can choose this Gig on Fiverr.

It is a simple task where you just need to know everything about your client’s profile and requirements. You can earn a decent amount of money from this and the best thing is that it has a massive demand which is increasing with time.

27. Pinterest Pin Creation

There are a lot of bloggers and business owners these days that are targeting Pinterest traffic. You would be amazed to know that it has become the second platform after a search engine that can convert the lead into sales. Isn’t this big news for you?

Several people are willing to pay a large amount of money to designers for making Pinterest images for their blog or profile. Well, a lot of people are not aware of this work but even if you have some basic knowledge of creating Pinterest pins then that can be a great opportunity for you.

You can create these pins for the clients and earn a handsome amount of money. The good thing is that not many people know about it so there are fewer people who offer these services. Thus, choose this Gig on Fiverr and earn a considerable amount of money.

28. Travel Planner

This job sounds pretty interesting. There are a lot of clients who need people to make the best decisions about travel arrangements. Companies require people who can assist them in getting the best deals on travel packages and can also advise them on where to go.

If you also love traveling or have knowledge about it then this can be one of the most suitable jobs for you. Some people love knowing about new places and exploring the places to visit there.Love to travel, then without a second thought you should choose this Gig on Fiverr.

Travel planers help make suggestions on the place to go, mode of transportation, car rentals, hotel arrangements, attractions to see and tours to take. They also advise the documents to carry, passes required, weather, local customs, and other such things. This can be a great option for you on Fiverr.

29. Infographic

Infograph are being used a lot for sometimenow. In fact, there are a lot of companies who hire infographic designers for a better visual representation of the data.

This is one of the leading Gigs on Fiverr because of its high usage in not only in companies but also by a lot of bloggers and website owners. As Infographics, communicate complex data quickly and clearly, therefore they are considered to be effective globally.

The infographic helps in compresses and displays the information in a visually pleasing manner. If you are aware of how to do it or have any certification in it, then it can be a great source of income for you. There are a lot of tools that can be used for designing an Infographic.

30. Making Jewellery

Somehow, making jewelry is beginning to take center stage recently. If you are into making or designing jewelry then you can try your luck on Fiverr as well. Here you can get customers from all over the world that can see your work and provide you orders.

You can make handmade bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings made from pearl or gemstones. There is a great demand for handmade jewelry not only in India but all over the world. You can earn huge money from it, all you need is excellent designing skills.

Creating or making jewelry is not everyone’s cup of tea, people who have an artistic point of view can do this. You can make good profits out of this business. So if you have this talent in you then you should work on it and earn hefty profits.

31. Product Description

Those on shopify and other related platforms are looking for product description writers. This kind of skill is in hot demand as more people are going for affiliate marketing. Having this skill will help you make some quick bucks on Fiverr. Also learning this skill is very easy. All you need to visit shopify and study the highest selling product descriptions.

After the study, create a shopify store and write your own product description. This will allow you to understand how it works. As a beginner, you may earn about $15 per gig. But as you advance you can earn up to $300 per gig.